In Hong Kong, life is so busy, cramped and noisy it is not always possible to have a congenial, quiet and safe place to sit down and discuss mutual or diverse problems. Jumpstart is again a couple of steps ahead of the competition and has found an ingenious way of solving this annoying problem. Its meeting rooms are available for use by people who have important or casual matters to discuss in total peace and quiet. It has a total of 13 meeting rooms distributed throughout Hong Kong that are open for use.

Top quality equipment

Jumpstart’s meeting rooms are unique with the highest standard of equipment placed at your disposal for effective and meaningful meetings with members of your group, club, fraternity or sports club. If you desire video conferencing, the meeting rooms are decked out with the best Polycom and Sony IP based conference systems. These systems are just as efficient or are far better than other systems available at other locations or areas. These two systems are also available for voice conferencing whenever participants want to use them.

Honest customer service

Jumpstart is not only famous for its well-equipped meeting rooms for special meetings by various groups. It also provides top notch customer service and this is perhaps the most important feature of Jumpstart’s services. The rooms are not only perfectly equipped for presentations and different types of conferencing. The professionally trained staff members also tend to the needs of the participants at the meetings by providing drinks and assisting during the presentations. Jumpstart’s expert ITs are always on the spot to fix any emergency problems that might arise.

There is more than meets the eye

Not only are the meeting rooms decked out with superb equipment and connections for different types of conferencing, they are also designed to they are refreshing, welcoming and pleasant. At Jumpstart we are especially fond of more professional and subtle colour tones than loud colours and this ensures that the least disturbance is given to the participants at the meeting and conference. The designs of the rooms are always conservative to make it adaptable to most types of business presence. If you are in favour of what we can do for you at Jumpstart, the next task is a very easy one for you to do.

Contact us

Ring us now on +852 2961 4888 and a meeting room will be set aside for use by your group.