At Jumpstart we do not sit and count our successes but we continually monitor the business landscape and seek to improve our services. This constant alertness to the needs of our customers has resulted in the creation of our meeting rooms. These are truly classic office spaces that meet the needs of those who desire a quiet and comfortable place to sit with friends, work colleagues or even family or social groups, and discuss important concerns. In these rooms, users find themselves temporarily hidden away from the hustle and bustle of the business world and find themselves in a wonderland of peace and quiet where they can sit in comfort and discuss or even televise their discussions and presentations. We, at Jumpstart, provide these unique off-site meeting rooms.

Easy to find and use

Hong Kong is just over a thousand square kilometres in area and not a very large place to traverse to find meeting rooms. We currently operate 13 meeting rooms in Hong Kong housed in our Wheelock House, Time Square and Millennium City 5 (APM) business centres. Each of the rooms can accommodate from 4 to 10 people anytime that wish to avail themselves of discussing personal or business matters in privacy and comfort. We cordially invite you to sample the tranquillity and comfort of our meeting rooms whenever you feel you need them or just for a tour of the rooms.

High end quality of facilities

If you are looking for rooms that are fully equipped with the latest video and audio equipment, then you have come to the right place. Each of our rooms feature the latest LCD TV screens that can broadcasted to a large audience and create a stunning and perfect impression on listeners and viewers alike. Our video conferencing facilities and equipment are on level par with other companies if not better, together with the availability of IP phones and Polycom conference units. Internet connection whether wireless or wired is indisputably fast and reliable along with other additional services.

Unmatched customer service

For many years, Jumpstart has strived to maintain an unmatched customer service. After all, this is the very essence of good business practice and success. It’s outgoing and friendly customer service is well-known and respected in the Asian Market. It’s staff selection is carefully and realistically based on multilingual capabilities which blends in well with the multi-lingual tongue of its hosts. It goes out of its way in welcoming guests to its meeting rooms, distributing drinks and other refreshments to its guests and helping out with presentations during meetings. Its team of highly qualified IT personnel is always at the ready to address communication problems whenever they arise making it possible for meetings to continue undisturbed. Jumpstart’s customer service is truly unmatched leaving just one thing for you to do.

Contact us

You can use a meeting room now or weeks in advance if you ring us on +852 2961 4888