There are times when you plan to have a meeting with your academic colleagues, alumni, members of your sports team or even friends for a presentation rehearsal session and you just don’t have the venue available. Well, those days have disappeared with the introduction of Jumpstart’s meeting rooms at all of its business centres. These marvellous rooms are fully furnished and are decked with the latest conferencing technology to make your presentations perfect and easy. Moreover, our staff will be present with expert assistance every step of the way.

Dispersed all over Hong Kong

The business centres that Jumpstart owns present a picturesque panorama against the backdrop of Hong Kong’s skyline, but more enticing is what you will find inside them especially the newly added comfort of world class meeting rooms. The rooms’ furnishings are impeccable and the conferencing equipment is out of this world to say the least. Because the meeting rooms are dispersed to different areas of Hong Kong, it means that wherever you are on the island, you can easily locate one of them whenever you plan to hold a conference.

Spacious, quiet and exquisitely comfortable

One sweeping look at any of these meeting rooms is all that it takes to give the customer the impression that here lies ready for immediate use, the ultimate meeting venue that is difficult to compare with similar facilities in Hong Kong or anywhere else for that matter. The interior of each room is spacious enough to accommodate the latest furnishings and conferencing equipment that anyone needs to carry out a perfect presentation. The rooms can cater for different numbers from a minimum 4 to a high of 10 customers per session in typical style and comfort.

The trimmings at no extra cost

Given that Jumpstart’s meeting rooms are truly something to brag about, it makes one wonder that the company has also taken the liberty of ensuring that any trimmings added to this already perfect status quo is free of any additional charge. What more can you want for the approaching Christmas festive season? Take the LCD TV screen for instance or the Polycom and Sony IP along with the extra catering and after office hour bookings. No extra charge is levied by Jumpstart from providing these services. Great don’t you think? And so say all of us.

Contact us

You are sure to need some extra space this holiday season to hold special get together meetings. It so, don’t hesitate and just ring us on +852 2961 4888 and book a meeting room and don’t forget, the earlier the better.