Jumpstart is proud to present luxurious office space available in Jumpstart’s biggest centre yet – L’Avenue – a high class mall and office complex. For luxurious office space, Shanghai is the finest choice available in the nation.

Luxury Office Space: Shanghai

Jumpstart’s biggest centre, L’Avenue, is a first-class luxury office facility that was built with the investment of Louis Vuitton’s group – LVMH. The building was beautifully designed by world class architects with a design inspired by fashion. The exquisite build of L’Avenue’s structure was crafted to provide businesses of all types and sizes with the luxury and image of a world class office facility.

More than luxury, the grandeur location of L’Avenue can attract a more higher type of clientele and more business as the mall houses brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, De Beers, Chaumet, Tag Heuer and more. Who wouldn’t want to be the neighbour of brands such as these in a luxurious office space? Shanghai has it all now with L’Avenue – luxury, business and fashion all in one place.

Everyone can benefit from having a luxurious office space; Shanghai now has the facilities needed to provide businesses all over the world with high class offices with Jumpstart’s L’Avenue, so there is nothing stopping you from acquiring a luxury office of your own!

L’Avenue’s Services

Jumpstart has both virtual and serviced offices available at L’Avenue for all of your office needs. Just like with all of our other offices in our numerous locations, we have professional front desk receptionists that are multi-lingual and knowledgeable on the etiquette necessary to welcome your guests, clients and employees in the most professional manner.

Jumpstart offers excellent services to help you manage your business in a more efficient manner, such as mail handling, call answering, forwarding and message taking, daily office cleaning, state of the art equipment and furniture and walls with superior sound insulation for privacy purposes. Our L’Avenue facilities are fully air conditioned 24 hours a day and are equipped with uninterrupted power supply.

For everyone’s use, Jumpstart provides meeting facilities, a common area and IT facilities that are air-conditioned and monitored 24/7 by CCTV for your security. Our meeting facilities, which fit anywhere between 5 to 14 people, are equipped with complimentary LCD TVs, projector and flip chart free of charge. We also offer complimentary tea, coffee and wet pantry and lounge area for everyone.