The thought of relocating and expanding business is a headache in itself – all the more the actual execution of such idea. However, there are many inevitable reasons on why businesses should consider relocating and expanding.

One of the most common reasons for office relocation is related to the financial aspect of the business. Businesses located in grade-A premium office locations which are no longer able to keep up with the monthly rent and other expenses might consider relocating.

Another reason is to be able to draw in more clients. Although office locations are supposedly determined through demographic studies showing which locations are best for the business, some business owners do not conduct such research. As a result, the business ends up in a prime location but not one which can help the business thrive through exposure to target populations.

Business expansion is also done due to financial reasons but unlike relocation, is often associated with growth. Still, both moves – relocation and expansion can be very risky financially. These two moves involve money and their end goal is the same. They both aim to make the business grow – not to cause it any financial problem.

Relocation and expansion can be likened to putting up a new office. It involves thorough research on which locations are best. It also involves having to go through every single process including hiring new or more people, sourcing out office equipment, supplies and furniture and getting tangled with lengthy lease contracts on a certain location.

Fortunately, the serviced office industry now offers a quick and hassle free solution to businesses looking to relocate and expand. Instead of having to deal with every little thing involved in setting up an office, Jumpstart’s serviced offices are offering flexible contracts that can be tailored to your business needs.

The great thing about availing of our serviced offices is that business owners will be able to determine the monthly cost of running such office. This can be quite comforting and allows business owners to be able to manage their finances better. Unlike conventional office set-ups, serviced offices are consistent in terms of the fees and charges billed to you every month.

What’s even greater is that our serviced offices are located at the center of the city and in reputable business districts. This can give your business a boost and will also improve the overall image that it projects to potential clients and customers.