From hard earned experience we know that finding the ideal office accommodation in the Orient is anything but simple and easy. It is a melting pot of differing interests, tastes and preferences and very tough competition. While these are reasons enough to pack your operations and head for Hong Kong, actually finding the best office accommodation (recommended) in town can be a daunting prospect. At Jumpstart we’ve been on the ground for over 10 years and we know the business landscape well!

The cost is not a formidable obstacle to your dreams

Everyone has plans and dreams and in business these become more streamlined and acute. There is no room for error and one way of avoiding inefficiency is in procuring the best office set up there is. It doesn’t pay to procrastinate when you’re thinking of shifting location to the say Hong Kong where the business pace is focused, fast and waits for no one. It is a market where you can make millions in a short time or go home scratching your head. You’d be surprised how affordable our offices can be.

Renting a building is not an option

For all its worth in size, décor, convenience and cost, the idea of renting property for transforming into your version of an ideal office accommodation is worthy of a rethink. The costs alone would be phenomenal. The cost of buying a property in Hong Kong is prohibitive as you’d be talking of a 7-digit figure. You’d need to liaise face to face with the owner who doesn’t speak English so you’d need a paid interpreter. You’d need to purchase and transport renovating materials and other costs.

We offer awesome solution for your business

We employ only the best staff from a selected few who are also the very best in the industry which means that we hire the cream of the crop so to speak. Our offices are strategically located where traffic in goods and customers converge. The furnishings we provide in each of our offices is unmatched, the internet connection is superb. The monthly rental price is just right for you and you won’t have to worry about other added costs. It’s an all-inclusive monthly payment without any frills.

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