In our modern business world, registration is perhaps the most important requirement that an entity must do before it can function properly as a business. Without it, you just simply cannot do business period! Despite its importance and necessity, it is by no means a simple hurdle to clear and you will definitely need the help of someone familiar with the whole process. To us at Jumpstart the process of registering a company has become almost second nature to us and we can help you.

Incorporation and the company name

Incorporating your company means to form it into one complete entity that can function as a business and this is not simple. It involves the selection of a company name and applying for it for approval (it can be in English or Chinese or both; you choice). The filling out of an incorporation form signed by you as founder is essential. The forms are exhaustive and includes details of registration notice, secretary and directors of a company. The process takes about 4 days prior to the issuance of a certificate.

Employee benefits

In Hong Kong, there’s no escaping the hiring of local staff and if fact it would be unwise for you not to if you don’t speak Cantonese! After doing so, you’d need to take care of their employment benefits such as membership and accessibility to insurance and Mandatory Provident Fund Authority (MPF) provident fund services. Membership in the fund is mandatory for anyone between 18-65 who is employed for 2 months or more. An additional requirement is for the certificate granted by the MPF to be displayed at all times at the workplace.

The seal and rubber stamp

Sending out correspondence and business documents to business colleagues and other companies when your business becomes operational is critically important. Equally the application of the company seal to company documents that are kept under lock and key must be practiced. This means contact and liaison with companies that are professionals at producing these key items. You need to establish their location, their business hours and price for producing the exact products you need.

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