Meeting Rooms in Shanghai

If you are planning to have a meeting in Shanghai and haven’t found the appropriate venue for it yet, Jumpstart’s several Shanghai meeting rooms would be the perfect host.

Located in three highly accessible areas, any of Jumpstart’s Shanghai Meeting Rooms is perfect for hosting a meeting, a conference, a seminar or even a training program. Each meeting room is located in central business districts and housed in three very well known buildings respectively. The first location is in Puxi, Shanghai in Wheelock Square – the newest and tallest structure in all of Puxi. Another meeting room is located in Central Plaza just across XianTianDi. It is very conveniently located and is even accessible thru subway. The last location – L’Avenue houses three meeting rooms and a seminar room in its mall and office complex.

Many uses of our meeting rooms in Shanghai

Our meeting rooms across Shanghai has been designed for and used by companies of different sizes and industries for different purposes. Talk to us to see if we can help even if the your purpose is not on the list.

  • Interviews
  • Product Showcase
  • Training
  • Workshop
  • Presentation
  • Brainstorm session
  • Video Conferencing
  • Audio Conferencing
  • Recruitment Day
  • Annual Auditing
  • Temporary Office
  • General Meeting

25/F Wheelock Square

1717 Nanjing West Road, Jing An

  • 14-person Meeting Room
  • 4-person meeting room
  • Video Conferencing

25/F Central Plaza

381 Huai Hai Middle Road, Huang Pu

  • 18-person meeting room
  • 7-person meeting room
  • 4-person meeting room
  • Video Conferencing

15/F L’Avenue

99 Xian Xia Road, Hong Qiao

  • 14-person meeting room
  • 7-person meeting room
  • 4-person meeting room
  • Multi-Function/Seminar Room
  • Video Conferencing

Each of the nine Jumpstart Meeting Rooms in Shanghai has top of the line facilities ensuring only the best for our clients. Presentations are made grand scale with each meeting room’s wide LCD TV screens making greater impact and commanding more attention to clients, guests, co-employees and superiors. You can even link presentations to internet data or refer to data uploaded online as each meeting room has fast, secure and reliable internet connection. Whether a wired or a wireless internet connection is to your preference, both types are available in most of the meeting room locations. Each meeting room also has video conferencing facilities – assisting you in your communication needs. With only the best there is to offer – Polycom IP-based system, our video conferencing facilities will relatively well with other video conferencing systems wherever the other party may be located. Top of the line IP-phones and Polycom conference units are also available for voice conferences.

Each meeting room is not only well equipped with relevant facilities but they are also designed to please your clients as well. The interior of each meeting room is well thought off – from every piece of furniture to the color of the wall. Each meeting room will be suited to your agenda and usage. Each meeting room’s design is guaranteed not to leave any negative impression on clients, guests and superiors.

Jumpstart does not only stop at making the meeting rooms perfect for your usage. Multilingual customer service representatives and receptionists will also be available to assist you and your guests in any way possible. Meetings can never go wrong with Jumpstart.

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