Hong Kong never stops is true – even on weekends and public holidays, people want to host meetings! At Jumpstart, we always try to be the best conference?and meeting?room provider. So we will try our best to help even if it is impossible for some.

The key for us to arrange a meeting room for you on such non-business days is to tell us all about your meeting or event in order for us to have an accurate estimate on what we need to do, how much support you will need from us and how many personnel needs to be involved. To start off, provide the dates for your meeting. It is extremely important not to change the date of your meeting because setting up the meeting room and the office and having staff to come in needs to be arranged with enough time prior to the meeting. We may not have time to arrange other personnel to support your meeting if you change your meeting date.

The other concerns for weekend and holiday meetings is air conditioning. Air conditioning are normally off during non-office-hours, so if you are planning for a proper meeting, especially in the summer, we will have to arrange the building management to turn on the air conditioning system for our floor. This is an additional cost charged by the building management but we do not markup on it. Most building charges hourly and has no minimum hours. However, arrangement must be made at least 1-2 business day before the meeting. If you are committing for many hours of non-office-hour air conditioning, we can try to negotiate for a better deal.

All other facilities for our meeting rooms will be as usual, for example, wired and wifi internet connection, phone, TV or projector and beverages.

Over the years, we have had normal meetings, interviews, seminars and other uses of our meeting rooms on weekends and holidays. Hopefully we can give you some advice on what can make your meeting go smoother and better.

Contact us to discuss what we can do for you. We provide meeting rooms in Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok and Kwun Tong for your to choose from.