The increasing quantity of data passing through cyber space has been increasing at a colossal rate causing equally rapid changes to the concepts that surround internet communications. At Jumpstart, we are aware of these changes and have put measures in place for adapting to these changes. At the same time we use every means at our disposal to make rapid and efficient internet communications for all our serviced offices in Shanghai and elsewhere. Communicating by the internet is essential to the success of your business in this part of the world.

Fast and reliable internet connections

The level of business transactions has gone global to such an extent, the need for fast and reliable internet connections are prerequisite for any company. At Jumpstart we take cognizance of this reality very seriously and we make every effort to ensure that the internet service we provide our customers is not only fast and reliable but also affordable. We are certain we offer customers with our VPN ready connection on the internet. The Cisco backed networking infrastructure has served us for many years and it continues to serve us well.

Wifi connection also works wonders

One advantage of a Wifi connection is the ability of many users to access the internet via a router system. Another is the ability of users to install an SSID device to have a private connection to any chosen destination on the internet. At Jumpstart, we provide this kind of connection and enable the many people that use our offices especially for meetings to access whomever they wish to contact simply by being connected to our connecting services installed within the building. The main point to note is that at Jumpstart we offer a very fast and modern internet communication service.

Complementary printing and copying

The fast deployment of data from our Jumpstart offices are facilitated by an on premise fully air conditioned server room that provides the connectivity to the outside world beyond the serviced office environment. In addition to our server, our offices also provide complementary services such as colour printing and photo copying for our customers. These are all essential to the needs of our clients who utilize our rooms for conducting meetings or for your regular staff who wish to make contact outside the office or carry out printing and copying tasks.

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The internet communications offered by our serviced offices is world class and you can access it if you opt to use one of our serviced offices in Shanghai. Ring us now on (8621) 6157-5157 for a free quote.