Establishing a branch for your business in one of Asia’s financial hubs is a prospect that many growing businesses in the west look forward to. And with good reason since the markets in east Asia are the most dynamic and progressive in the world. But like everything good and attractive, there’s always a basic catch and for Asia it is the ability to grasp and understand the business environ of the Orient. At Jumpstart we know that this is one of the most important prerequisite for success in this vast and pulsating region and you need to master it.

Take a positive stance from the very beginning

Like everything else there are positive and negative aspects to any start-up business but to look first at the negatives is a recipe for disaster. You shouldn’t dwell on the difficulties of language, customs, business etiquette or maintaining contact and working relations. You should rather focus on the positive side of things and think of establishing yourself quickly and in high gear mode from the very start. Business in these dynamic hubs will wait for no one. If you are a smart operator you will succeed. If you hesitate you will never make a success of yourself.

On the ground help is essential for success

For a rapid and safe start-up you definitely need someone on the ground that has the experience and know-how and we have all the positive cards in our hand. At very short notice we can provide the best and most modern and sophisticated office accommodation you’d find anywhere. One of our specialty areas is in providing start-up companies like yours that want to establish a branch in the Orient. We have the most modern, unique, fully furnished and fully equipped serviced offices in the region and we can offer them to you at a very affordable price.

We simply exude professional acumen

Our staff members that we employ to cater for your needs are all professionals with top notch skills and expertise in performing their duties. Both their demeanour and attire are impeccably designed for exuding that aura of commitment and devotion to their work. They are multi-lingual so that customers are quickly and efficiently served with a minimum of fuss and bother. Our front desk attendants are so well versed in their work customers always find their services highly satisfying and totally professional. We have the perfect office and team to help you start off on the right foot.

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