Searching for an office space can be very exhausting; furthermore it can be next to impossible if you are new in the area. Making a call to Jumpstart offices will solve that problem as they have serviced offices available for occupancy straight away.

One of the greatest benefits that you will experience by renting their serviced offices is the up-to date equipment provided. In addition they have in-house IT team that will assist you if you experience difficulty while operating the equipment. The offices are not designed the same; therefore you have a variety to choose from to fit the nature of your business.
You will get more value for money by renting serviced offices because they are;

1) Fully furnished
Buying and transporting commercial furniture can be very expensive; besides you may be required to buy insurance for it in case of breakage during transit. Jumpstart offices are furnished with the best office furniture to cater for your business needs; in addition the office interior is world-class to impress your clients and staff alike.

2) Highly trained staff
Interviewing staff in the city may take too much time that could be used for more productive work in the business; therefore professionals at Jumpstart Offices could provide friendly multilingual trained staff should you require them. The employees have obtained the best training to ensure they fit in with your own staff for the smooth running of your office. Besides you do not have to worry about paying employment taxes as done in the traditional office.

3) Prime locations
Finding an available office space in prime locations may be too expensive when one is starting from scratch to set up a business. Locations in Shanghai such as Wheelock Square, Central Plaza and L’Avenue are premier locations for businesses.

4) Fast and reliable internet connection
Majority of clients will fail to do business with you if you are not available online at all times due to poor internet connectivity. All Jumpstart Offices have fast and reliable internet connection with top class data security. Furthermore their in-house IT team is on stand-by to ensure no interruptions occur to the internet connection.

5) Air conditioning
Jumpstart Offices are air conditioned to ensure that staff are able to work efficiently no matter what the weather. Furthermore power supply is uninterrupted to ensure that the office runs smoothly the whole time.
Jumpstart offers a selection of services to a business owner. Please give us a call or fill in the enquiry form on the right and we’ll be happy to help get your business on the right platform to success.