Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of businesses allow their employees to work from home. With the COVID-19 not likely to be gone forever, and with the economy badly beaten by this pandemic, some companies are taking one step further to make their employees working from home forever, aka WFHF.

It sounds ridiculous and difficult at first but it can be quite easily and cheaply done. Starting off by?giving up your current office entirely. Office rent is one of the highest costs?for most companies in Hong Kong, so when no one needs to come in everyday, this will save you a ton of costs. Little known to most people, Jumpstart have been offering 2 solutions for over 14 years.

First, it is called a Virtual Office. As the name implies, you don’t have to rent?a physical office. Instead, you can choose one of our business addresses across Hong Kong to be your registered address. This address can be used for your business registration with the government and all your correspondence. Our virtual office service will notify you when mails arrive with your company name on it. You can then choose to pick them up yourself or have us redirect to your home. On top, we provide local Hong Kong phone numbers so you can display on your websites, social media or business cards. We have fully-trained staff to take your calls and either take a massage or redirect to your mobile number. Our cheapest virtual office package starts from just HK$94.4 a month.

In case your team needs to meet once a while or you have to meet your clients or suppliers, each of our office locations have meeting rooms for rent on hourly basis. Our lowest rate is HK$100 per hour, so again, you will be saving a whole lot than keeping your own office.

The second option is little more pricier but if you and your team have to come to the office more regularly, or if you have something to store and be accessed by different staff. It is called serviced office. Contrary to the virtual office, you will have a physical office to your own. It will a fully-furnished private room in a bigger office environment with shared reception, pantry and IT infrastructure (internet, WIFI, printers, phones etc.), all with receptionists, customer service staff and IT professionals taking care of them. Basically, you do not need to worry about maintaining the office. It is just like a hotel that you can walk in and stay. We offer rooms of different sizes and we can re-arrange the setting to cater to your specific needs. Lease term is also shorter than of a traditional lease. Most common length is 1 year while 6 months or 3 months is possible. You will pay an all-inclusive fee that includes your room, electricity, furniture, internet, phones and the shared facilities mentioned above with the exception of meeting rooms. As in virtual office, there will be a charge for your usage which can be hourly, half-daily or daily.

Please feel free to contact us to discuss your situation and we are more than happy to work together with you to find your perfect solution.

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