You will likely get a lot of hassle and bother when you decide to rent a conventional office. Why? It stands to reason that people who rent out offices this way do not bother to think about the needs of the renting client. The office rental will only include the very basics in amenities with the renter having a mind only in receiving the monthly rental payments and that’s it! At Jumpstart we do the opposite. We think about your needs, the kind of office accommodation you want, all the services you desire. We add up all your needs, wants and desires together and conjure up just the right kind of serviced office configuration that we have in one of our package offers. If we don’t have it, we’ll create it in not time!

Superb Serviced Offices

The trend these days is for business companies to look for superb serviced offices. They prefer to do this because they are professional companies who aspire to maintain their brand of business at the highest levels of business endeavour. They refuse to compromise and they expect the best in office accommodation. This is where Jumpstart comes in with its collection of superbly furnished and self-contained serviced offices. Jumpstart equally refuses to accept compromises regarding the quality of their serviced offices and the services they give. It makes available to rental clients the best serviced offices there are on the market whether in Hong Kong or Shanghai. The quality of its serviced offices is unmatched anywhere and we shall have a look at just one of them.

Wheelock House Central

The building where the Jumpstart serviced offices are located is a joy to behold from the outside but from the inside, its like visiting a fabled wonderland. The interior design and placement of the front desk, glittering with a polished marble look, the walls immaculately clean and alluring, their mellow whitish colour brightened by systematically placed lights, is just out of this world. When this first impression is augmented by an equally impressive backdrop of elegant furniture and mellow coloured partitioning walls, lit up by circular lights, then you have an office haven equal to none. This is one of the best serviced offices that Jumpstart can provide. What about staffing? That is also part of the deal and staff workers provided by Jumpstart are true professionals who know everything there is to know about being professionals.

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