Jumpstart to Growth

Chapman Leung, Director of Jumpstart Business Centre, agreed. Occupancy of Jumpstart’s serviced office space consistently ranges from more than 90 per cent to full capacity.

“Companies having to relocate, either through cost-cutting or downsizing, and SMEs that are starting their own businesses as first-time entrepreneurs, account for a considerable extent of the current demand for serviced offices,” Mr Leung said.

The majority of Jumpstart’s customers in Central are from the finance and recruitment sectors, with diverse sectors including consultancy, retail and trading dominating in the firm’s Causeway Bay and Tsim Sha Tsui offices, and information technology in Kwun Tong.

Mr Leung said that Hong Kong offers an ideal start-up environment. “Compared to registering a company in China, the procedure to register in Hong Kong is less complicated and takes a much shorter time.” In serviced offices that are fully furnished, equipped with telephone and reliable Internet connections and all the necessities for doing business, start-ups can be up and running quickly, he said.

Mr Salnikow noted that Hong Kong, as the gateway to the Chinese mainland, is an ideal location for firms or entrepreneurs looking to expand or start a business, especially since the signing of the Closer Economic Partnership Arrangement between Hong Kong and the mainland.

“The city is renowned for its economic freedom, political stability, low tax jurisdiction, well-developed financial markets, world-class infrastructure, cultural diversity and highly educated work force, which allow businesses to tap the opportunities driven by vibrant Hong Kong and Asian economies,” Mr Salnikow said.

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About Jumpstart Business Centre

Jumpstart Business Centre is a leading business centre in Asia providing high quality serviced office, virtual office, meeting rooms and business registration services. Jumpstart Business Centre currently operates a network of business centres in prime locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai. With over 12 years of experience in the serviced office market, Jumpstart Business Centre continues to learn from customers and upgrade ourselves to take on the challenge of the most demanding office requirements.