In Hong Kong, like everywhere else, there is a dormant energy that has coiled onto itself over the past month or two, that is about to reach breaking point and release a tsunami of frantic business trading activity of supply, purchases and skyrocketing profits. At Jumpstart we are already anticipating this phenomenon to unleash itself before our very eyes, but we are prepared and we will welcome it with open arms. For you it’s still possible to enter into the fray and snap up one of our fantastic serviced offices to rake in the profits like everyone else.

No time for Dilly Dallying

This is no time to be hesitant for to hesitate in a dynamic business environment that is so typical of Hong Kong means that you will be left out in the lurch as others reap the rewards. We truly have impeccable offices that can immediately start to fully operate for you within just a day or two if you hurry. Are you doubtful? Don’t be because this may be your chance in a lifetime to start a profitable business whether for yourself or for a company you work for. Don’t waste time because of your indecision but act quickly and come have a look at what we can give you.

Fully furnished staffed and ready to go

Our serviced offices in Hong Kong are just too good a deal to pass up with a customized interior design that will mesmerize at the first look. Our serviced offices are so immaculately furnished you would think you are within a very high-end building somewhere in another part of the world. All our serviced offices are located in prime locations on the island and in total the take up an area of more than 100,000 square feet of floor space in all of Asia. When you acquire one, you can focus on you work with world class internet connections at your fingertips.

Additional free services are part of the deal

If having an immaculately furnished serviced office at your disposal does no suffice, we can provide you with other services at no extra charge. During the day, everyone in the office will feel hungry during the day. We can provide a pantry service to keep your stocks of food and drink replenished and be at the ready whenever they are needed. Stationary needed to facilitate office work can be provided to ensure that supplies do not run out. We can provide any other small but essential item to facilitate the smooth operation of your office.

Contact us

You have everything to gain by contacting us for a serviced office. Our offices are ready right now for going into immediate operation. Ring us on +852 2961 4888 for a free quote and a serviced office will be available for you on the ring tone.