One of the greatest things in life these days is in owning your own company, in operating it along proper commercial lines and making sure it will register high profits at year’s end. At Jumpstart we are intimately familiar with the exhilarating feeling owning and operating a profitable office accommodating business. However like every enticing business venture, there is always a tricky catch and in this case, it’s how to start off on the right foot especially when you decide to go international say to set yourself up in the Oriental part of the world.

Hong Kong, the dynamic pivotal hub of the Orient

No other commercial hub is better placed for dynamic business growth than Hong Kong. It bustles with both people and goods and its commercial infrastructure and environment simply oozes with activity day and night. In order to tap into this commercial confluence of wealth, you must choose the best way of incorporating your business. In Hong Kong a limited liability entity that attracts low taxes, a self-accounting status along with a company bank account, features that are indispensable for a cross the border start-up. This is a recommended option.

Other available options

Complementing the limited liability set up are a range of other available options:

– Sole proprietorship – popular because of its simplicity in setting up and you own the company in a personal capacity but you are one with the company, meaning that you are liable for the company’s debts in the event of insolvency proceedings.

Offshore Limited Company – to become part of this incorporating approach is a very attractive option for a company that is registered in one country and where investors are also living but is operating in another country. The attraction here is the company doesn’t have to pay taxes in the country it is operating

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