Many businesses and corporation especially new start-up, businesses hold strong reservations about acquiring a serviced office somewhere else. This is understandable when a business is just starting out on a very precarious road to ultimate success. There is however some consolation when the uncertainty can be brushed aside by the knowledge that even serviced offices in Hong Kong are not that expensive. At Jumpstart we believe in balancing quality and price and in every case, the quality is superb while the price is not exorbitant.

First things first

Today, communication via the internet is a vital necessity if you want your business to literally explode with activity and profits and our Jumpstart offices can actually as a very convenient stepping stone in that direction. Our internet facilities and connectivity capacity are world class and we know that the situation is in good hands for continuous service. Can you imagine what a mess companies would be in without an efficiently operating internet, or worse still if connectivity ceased to function? The answer is simple. It would be tantamount to a complete disaster. At Jumpstart our experts work day and night to keep our internet services in top shape.

Highly sophisticated communication systems

Internet connectivity is does not only end with just keeping your systems in perfect working order. Excellence is achieved by the use of highly sophisticated and totally reliable internet networking systems. That’s precisely the reason at Jumpstart, we utilize only the best on the market and none come close to the Cisco networking equipment. It is the most reliable system there is with extra security for the data that passes through the system. The power supply at our business centres operates non-stop supplemented by dependable UPS back-up supplies. Air-conditioning also operate on a continuous basis, the offices have anti-static raised floors and fire safety equipment. What more could you want?

Professionally trained staff

With a serviced office, you don’t worry about anything because most of the work is efficiently attended to by our multi-lingual professionals who occupy the front desk. Even just by looking at their work attire and the professional manner in which they bear themselves and communicate politely with incoming customers reflects true professionalism at its best. And who wouldn’t be filled with pride and confidence at their acumen and model performance? You are missing out on a world of business experience. You only have to take the next step to fulfil your dreams.

Contact us

You only have to ring us now at +852 2961 4888 to sample the full extent of excellent internet connectivity and superb service of our serviced offices in Hong Kong.