Don’t be bound by the conventional office set up requiring you to personally look into each and single detail. Setting up an office can be quite a daunting task. This is especially true for new comers and less experienced businessmen and women. The struggle to find the right office location within a good and reasonable price range or budget has been a long time problem – and thankfully, one that has been addressed by Jumpstart’s Serviced Offices.

Serviced Offices

Serviced offices, also known as business centers or managed offices are types of offices that are ‘assisted’. This means that business owners no longer need to do everything by themselves. They can be stress free when it comes to internet connection, office furnishings like work desks and chairs, video phones, voice call systems and practically almost everything by choosing to set up a serviced office. Serviced offices have loads of advantages over the conventional office set up. Aside from the fact that it is stress and hassle free, it can also be highly advantageous to one’s business. The mere fact that most serviced offices and business centers are located in prime business locations can drive up the number of sales and business transactions of a business. Investors and clients often look at the locations of business offices and somehow use them as gauge for business credibility.

Why Choose Jumpstart Serviced Offices?

The serviced offices at Jumpstart are fully equipped with everything your business needs. Whether you are operating a small scale business or running a big time business venture, Jumpstart’s serviced offices can be tailored to whatever it is you need to run your business. This includes reliable and high speed internet connection to power up online transactions, assure high customer service online and steady email correspondence with current and prospect clients and investors. When it comes to location, our serviced offices are located at prime spots in the heart of the city namely the Wheelock House, Times Square, Silvercord and Millennium City 5. There is no need to worry of high fees or hidden and extra charges! Jumpstart’s serviced offices have all inclusive fees. This means that there will be no set up fees, service fees or per person internet charges and other what-nots. What’s even more appealing is our multilingual professional front desk staff ready to welcome and guide your guests and clients!