The need to form a company is also a mandatory process that is accompanied by its own legal requirements. For the most part the work is difficult for new company owners or operators to accomplish by themselves especially in a strange country. To the newcomer, everything is a departure from the norm, a familiar environment, language, laws, procedures, traditional customs and so on. This is the very reason why they need expert assistance to clear the many hurdles before them. They need the expert assistance that Jumpstart can provide.

What is involved in company formation

The problem with a business start-up in Hong Kong is the complexity of the processes involved as they tend to be intertwined with each other. It is not possible to isolate one component from the other when starting a business which makes it very difficult for an amateur, not versed in the intricacies of procedure and legality, to tackle. So many parts of the same process of getting a company to be up and running are joined together in such a way it is impossible to hive off one component and deal with it separately.

So many intertwining requirements

There are just too many intertwining components for any one individual, much less an amateur, to grapple with and solve. How can an amateur not versed in business formalities and protocol deal with issues such as company name and company incorporation? Which authorities will he/she approach to find out about business registration? Even if they can approach the bank and finalize the details about deposits and withdrawals, how will they deal with the problems of finding office space, deal with the immigration authorities in respect of a visa or employment if needed?

It takes an expert to solve the problems

The issues already discussed above are very real and they make up a formidable blockade to any aspiring entrepreneur that wants to set up shop in Hong Kong will have to face. The only possible solution to the impasse faced by the newcomer would be to accept the assistance of an expert that is truly competent in expediting the processes involved in legally putting a new company on the right track and start operating. Jumpstart has many years of experience and a proven track record to back it up. It has the skilled staff, the facilities and willingness to assist at a very affordable cost.

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