If you are one of the many individuals aspiring to open up a business in Shanghai, you might want to consider availing of serviced offices as opposed to the conventional office set-up.

In Shanghai and in all of China, wholly owned foreign enterprises or WOFE and representative offices are required to have real and physical office addresses. This regulation alone eliminates the business owner’s option to take on virtual offices which are cheaper and easier to handle even from overseas. This regulation also leaves business owners to one of two options: conventional office set-up or serviced offices.

For conventional office set-up, foreign business owners would have to deal with strict regulations regarding lease contracts, hiring people for the business and generally the whole business venture itself. This is because there are certain restrictions by the Chinese government when it comes to foreign-owned and foreign-run businesses in China.

Another challenge that business owners would have to hurdle is the language barrier. Chinese or Mandarin is not the easiest of language – making it essential for foreign business owners to hire interpreters. More than being an added expense to the business, this also limits the business owner’s full understanding of the terms and conditions of contracts such as lease agreements and other important documents. If business owners choose to scrimp and hire non-professionals for this job, the whole business might be put at risk.

All of these challenges can be avoided through availing of a serviced office in Shanghai instead. Our serviced offices in Shanghai offer all inclusive fees that are at par and in the long run, even cheaper than the costs of running a conventional office set-up.

Our serviced offices employ staff who are multilingual and only those who are able to communicate efficiently through the English language. This eliminates the need to hire an interpreter to translate every single item in the contract and will also make business owners better able to express what their businesses truly need.

Having to shop for office furnishings will also no longer be a problem for foreign business owners. Our offering comes with premium office furniture and equipment. Business owners are rid the responsibility of having to choose from among the many brands and lines of office furniture and equipment. Instead, they are simply handed the best that can be offered.

Jumpstart’s serviced offices are not only all inclusive in terms of equipment and facilities but fees and charges are fixed too. This can be an advantage and will make business owners better able to manage finances. Finally, our serviced offices are located only in prime business areas which are rather expensive should a conventional office set-up was sought.