Do you need to setup a Hong Kong limited company fast and you are not even in Hong Kong? Jumpstart can do it – your company can be setup in just 1 business day.

A few years back, all you can do to have a Hong Kong limited company fast is to buy a shelf company. But the process is not actually very fast because you have to pick from a list of shelf companies and the companies are a little different in terms of the date of incorporation, company name etc. Then it also takes another 3 days after we confirm the shelf company you picked is available.

With our Express service, you can have a brand newly incorporated company within just 1 business day. Here’s how and what you will need.

1. Know what you need with the new company. The company can be legally incorporated within 1 business day but full set of documents including business registration certificate (also known as BR), Certificate of Incorporation (commonly referred to as CI) will be ready in 3 business days. So if you need these documents for use, please assume at least 3 days.

2. We need a copy of all shareholders and directors’ ID/passport, address proof that is dated within 6 months. Because you do not need to sign anything or be present in Hong Kong, we will need to verify your identify. Therefore we also a photo of any 1 shareholder holding his/her passport showing clearly the page with his/her photo and number.

3. Full payment is required for us to proceed with the incorporation.

4. We provide online signup to collect and verify all the data required for the incorporation and let you pay immediately with credit card or Paypal. This means there is no problem with time-zone difference when you are half way around the globe. You can apply 24 hours a day and anywhere in the world. So even if you signup beyond our operating hours in Hong Kong, we can process your application immediately when we get back to work.

5. After you signed up online, you will receive an email confirmation from us which also asks for your ID copies, address proof and the photo of a shareholder holding the ID. You can send all those by replying the email. Once we have all the required documents and verified that all the information is correct, your company will be formed within 1 business day (Hong Kong Time: GMT+8).

So there you go! There aren’t really much you have to do to be fast except an additional charge of just HKD800. But please do keep it mind we cannot proceed if the required documents are missing or the data you provided do not match the documents. When time is a concern, double checking can actually save valuable time. Please also note that opening bank account is a different process and cannot be ready in a few days.

Still have questions? Give us a call at +852 2961 4899 during our office hours or email to [email protected].