No matter where we are located, our reputation precedes us and we will not even dare to claim that it has been easy to get where we are now. It has been a tortuous climb to the summit and now that we ascended the heights, it would be foolhardy not to consolidate our position. It would be foolish if we were to become complacent and let others overtake us. These are the prime reasons why, at Jumpstart, we strive hard to maintain the fabulous quality and feel of our products that we offer our customers. Our Hong Kong serviced offices are a byword in the business community.

Out of this world furnishings

Comfort provided by exquisite furnishings is the hallmark of a really top class facility and we believe that we offer such comfort. Our furniture are all tailor made to ensure customers are seated in comfort whether they are having a meeting in one of our highly popular meeting rooms or are deeply engrossed in discussions and thinking in one of our superbly outfitted conferencing rooms all decked out with the latest communication gadgetry and equipment. At Jumpstart we make sure our clients get nothing but the best an out of this world furniture to suit their needs.

Perfect strategic location

In business, the ability to leverage your position is critical for the long term survival of your business. By this is meant that a successful business should be located at the crossroads of customer and supply flow to and from your business. Our Jumpstart offices in Hong Kong are strategically located so they are situated exactly where both human and supplies traffic converge. Our Wheelock House business centre in Hong Kong for example is situated in the very core of the Central district right in the midst of the human and supply confluence. We hold premium ground here and we are determined to consolidate our position.

Fabulous addition to floor space

No business can thrive without paying attention to the most effective use of its floor space. It must be proactive in conjuring up different designs, different approaches to space usage and introduce new looks to the interior space of its rooms. At Jumpstart we have seen not only the need for larger rooms for accommodating larger equipment and staff, but more important, the need for clients to increase their productivity when demand for their products skyrocket to unexpected heights. It’s always wise to be prepared for the needs of customers and that is exactly what we do at Jumpstart by even pre-empting the successes of our clients.

Contact us

If your business is a forward looking enterprise that wants nothing but success, we can provide that very vehicle for you – a shimmering, world class serviced office in one of our Hong Kong business centres. Ring us now on +852 2962 4888.