At JUMPSTART we also believe that wherever we have serviced offices offered to clients, we must also set up and establish exemplary virtual offices. These virtual offices attend to the flow of information that co-exists with the non-stop flow of human traffic passing through the Shanghai area and beyond. This strategy does no only ensure the provision of unequalled information services but also provides extra floor space for meeting rooms. In Shanghai, Jumpstart has 3 fabulous locations for its virtual officesWheelock Square, Central Plaza and L’Avenue Shanghai. Though location is very important in selecting sites for virtual offices, the services offered that range from handling mail, answering calls, fax and many more also feature in the selection criteria. Hence the reasons the reasons why Jumpstart virtual offices are located at:

Wheelock Square: Following its customary love for new, impressive, lofty and exquisitely designed buildings in famous neighbourhoods, Jumpstart was one of the first to clinch floor space within this commercial complex. This modern and impressive 270 meters commercial building stands out against the Puxi skyline and towers over the surrounding buildings. It is the tallest and the most recently built complex in all of Puxi in Shanghai. It stands along the famous Nanjing West Road, only a very short distance from train, highway and bus transportation modes. All destinations and return trips are easily traversed to or from this virtual office centre.

Central Plaza: This second virtual office location opened by Jumpstart, is situated in a prime business area of Huai Hai Middle Road. The office is favourable placed in close proximity to Xintiandi, the hub of cultural, architectural and commercial activities. Xintiandi is so popular that the flow of expatriates and foreign visitors continues non-stop day and night. If offers visitors a plethora of modernized shops and inviting restaurants that beckon to people visiting the area. Commuting from and into the Central Plaza area is totally convenient with transportation on the highway, the subway, taxi and by bus all available to commuters from outside as well as within the Xintiandi area.

L’Avenue Shanghai: This is Jumpstart’s largest centre to date which features a luxury mall along with floor space for top class office complex. The building is gracefully designed to resemble the outlines of a beautiful dress, recognizable from a distance. Because of its love of novelty and excellence, Jumpstart was one of the few to stake a claim in the new commercial complex. Jumpstart also realizes it has to live up to its own values and those of the owners of the building. This means it will introduce appropriate measures to blend its virtual offices with the tone of the building décor. It will incorporate the new concept of creating ‘islands’ on its floor space as well as spaces for meeting rooms, break periods, a multi-purpose area and rest rooms.

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Our virtual offices are equipped to offer world class services whether they be mail, calls or the provision of meeting rooms for 4 or more people at any time. Do you need a virtual office service? Ring us now on (8621)6157-5157 and find out what we can offer.