At Jumpstart we are very particular about the appearance and décor of our meeting rooms. We believe our meeting rooms must be in a premium location for touting the excellence of our brand; the location must be easily accessible and the interior decorations and furnishings must be exquisite and elegant to entice and fully satisfy the most demanding of customers. We believe in preparing everything in our meeting rooms so that they are up to customer expectations and provide the unmatched services that give complete satisfaction.

Customers are given first class seating treatment

We are known for our meticulous efforts in meeting the demands of our customers to the point of pampering them with the elegance and décor of our meeting rooms. They not only offer customers a roomy environment in which to conduct meetings but they can also enjoy the comfort of our custom made tables and seats to match. The seats in particular are made to accommodate participants in a relaxing and comfortable manner with different styles and configurations that blend in with the general layout of each room. Our meeting rooms are truly exceptional.

A variety of sizes and designs

Each room is designed with the idea of giving maximum comfort and usability to those who are lucky enough to experience our offering. The tables can be configured and arranged to cater for the number of participants taking part in the meeting or conference. The groups may be large or small but our experienced staff members know exactly what to do to cater for their seating needs. Each room is designed in different combinations of colour and tone. Lighting in each room is deliberately arranged to provide users with maximum visibility and convenience.

Writing up meeting content is simple

A meeting or conference will definitely need the presence of writing tools and items on which to write the contents of the meeting. Here again, our professional staff has conjured up the exact placing of the many blackboards and white boards for providing the best possible position for easy access and visibility. We can provide all types of writing tools from chalk to permanent and erasable markers that presenters can use to inform their audience. Dusters and wipers for the both blackboards and whiteboards are also provided to facilitate the smooth running of the meeting.

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