Choosing the right meeting room is not an option but a necessity for a successful and productive collaboration among employees, bosses and co-workers.

Most of the time, employees spend the whole day preparing for the presentation – getting all the slide shows sequenced, making sure that complimentary tea and coffee is available, double checking the audio equipment and so much more. Employees get so caught up with all these preparations that they often ignore another equally important factor for success in a meeting – the meeting room itself.

How a meeting room is set up and designed is a very crucial factor in having a successful meeting. For example, how each person is seated greatly affects his or her ability to view the presentation, to hear what the speaker is saying and to interact with his or her co-workers. It is very important then that the set-up of tables and chairs including their positioning is well thought of. The last thing one would want to experience in a meeting is to have only a full back view of a co-worker’s head all throughout. How a room is designed is also equally important when it comes to meeting rooms. Productive meetings call for a good flow of ideas, a healthy debate or a good brainstorming session and all of these require concentration. Flashy and highly distracting colors inside of a meeting room can greatly decrease one’s ability to concentrate, interact and even absorb information. Although decorations and other highly stimulating visual elements can be incorporated into a meeting, these things should be kept at a minimum. Doing so will make these elements complement the meeting instead of overshadowing it.

At Jumpstart, each meeting room is tailored to fit your agenda for the day. The company sees to it that colors and other potentially distracting visual elements are kept at a minimum to avoid causing negative outcomes to a meeting. Each meeting room is fully equipped with the essentials including a reasonably sized LCD screen, voice and video call conferencing equipments, tables and chairs which can be re-arranged to suit the type of meeting to be held, complimentary tea and coffee for guests and employees and a multilingual front desk staff to welcome and usher everyone in. Other needs are also available upon request. Jumpstart offers 13 meeting room locations across Hong Kong with each room having the capacity to hold about four to ten people.