To be perfectly honest, we do tend to give some leeway to businesses that need to use our meeting rooms for conferencing. However, we do have a number of equally pleasant and self-contained meeting rooms in all our other business centres that sufficiently cater for the needs of clients. Going into the main part of Hong Kong is no longer a concern for people who want to conduct a short or long meeting with their colleagues and with prior booking, there will always be a venue for your meetings whenever you come into the main commercial areas.

Worried about the availability of a meeting venue?

We strongly advise you not to be unduly worried about getting floor space for a meeting. Jumpstart has a total of 13 meeting rooms available and our efficient staff members keep a strict eye on the number of meetings, when they will be held and where and the ending of each, so they know which rooms are available at which centre. Moreover, the meeting rooms are easy to locate as they are set up in some of the best known buildings in Hong Kong such as Wheelock House or Millennium City 5, the Silvercord or Langham Place.

The rates are not exorbitant

For the high end quality of our meeting rooms, it is surprising to find that the chargeable rates are not at all costly. Sometimes, the top quality facilities offered at the meeting rooms can be offered free depending on who the users are. For example, generous conditions apply to groups like charitable organizations and non-profit groups or fund raisers that decide to use our meeting rooms to organize their campaigns in Hong Kong or nearby Kowloon. For the rest, normal charge rates apply but even for them, the charges are not at all heavy.

Subdued colours and lighting add comfort

Dazzling bright lights is always a distraction especially when you are in a room with many other shiny surfaces such as flooring, equipment and screens are laid bare in front of the lights. At Jumpstart we also foresaw the likely consequences and opted for the installation of soft and subdued lights in our meeting rooms and our virtual and serviced offices. The resultant lighting is conducive to relaxed and easy viewing of either people moving around or for reading information in a text or presentation on the video screens. The lighting is perfect for the senses.

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