Serviced offices have become the modern day’s workplace solution to all small business owners. Offering very flexible contracts, this type of office has veered business owners away from the conventional office set-up – and for very good reasons too.

Businesses, most especially those which are just starting out, often succumb to entering into lengthy lease contracts to secure perceived highly prestigious business locations. However, property prices are fluctuating – leaving business owners who have signed lease contracts with a minimum of 5 years no choice but to stick to their first choice. With such decisions, the future of these businesses remains unclear and is bound by the office locations initially thought of as rewarding to the company.

Aside from lengthy lease contracts, businesses which opt for the conventional office set-up also have to spend much on class A office furnishings. After all, an office in a good location also deserves good office furniture and equipment to match. This means having to shell out more money to be able to create and maintain a positive and impressive image for clients and customers.

Jumpstart’s serviced offices, on the other hand, provide these two very essential aspects of business. That is, serviced offices are able to provide great locations and class A office furnishings. The only difference is that business owners no longer have to make do with a minimum of 5 years worth of lease. Nor do they have to shell out money and invest in class A office furnishings.

Known for highly flexible contracts and agreements, our serviced offices is perceived as the solution to all small business owners’ woes and concerns when it comes to office set-up.

Contracts and agreements offered by our serviced offices are very much flexible. They can be tailored to suit the needs of your business. Services like internet connection, front desk staff and other what-nots can be part of the contract should you wish to have them included. They can also be easily omitted should you have no need for them. Class A office furnishings are a given in serviced offices. The bright side of having these luxurious furniture and equipment is that there is no need to buy them at all! They will be provided to you inclusive of the contract you are signing.

Jumpstart’s serviced offices also do not lag when it comes to locations. Our offices are housed in prestigious business centers in the heart of the city. Unlike conventional offices though, the rates for these prime locations are way much cheaper.