When looking for a meeting room outside your office, where will you go? There are many options out there, including a business centres like Jumpstart, or a hotel, or even a coffee shop if you are having a casual meeting. Let’s ignore the fact that a coffee shop is an option now and compare the pros and cons of renting a meeting room in a business centre and a hotel.

Business Centre Hotel
In an office building, reception will be located on the floor where the business centre is In a hotel where there will be reception right at the lobby
Cheaper – less bells and whistles, but everything essential from whiteboard to TV/projectors to coffee and tea are included More expensive – decoration has to be best, build to impress, also complete with services
Smaller rooms – business centres generally don’t have big function rooms for over 30 people. Larger rooms available including big function rooms and ballrooms
Available for office hours, late nights or weekends have to be specially arranged Hotels runs 24 hours
Location: there are business centres everywhere in Hong Kong – Central, Causeway Bay, Tsim Sha Tsui, Mongkok or Kwun Tong. Location: there are hotels everywhere too. But if you want to have a meeting in Central. A meeting room in a business centre will cost much less than a hotel in Central.
No cocktail area but normally participants of the meeting are allowed to go to the pantry More open space outside the meeting rooms for breaks.
Catering: limited to delivery or pick up from restaurants close by, subject to administrative charges Catering: from all the restaurants within the hotel, no extra charges