Having been involved in the real estate business for over 10 years providing high end office accommodation, Jumpstart has never ceased to survey the business environment of Hong Kong to identify additional needs. One need we spotted was helping companies deal with their registration so they can really get off the ground without any hitches. For this reason we have a separate section in our business centres that does just that. At Jumpstart we know the importance of registering a company properly, after all, we had to do the same in the past and we know exactly how to do it.

A very complex process

Paper work is always complex especially when it involves many aspects such as legal matters, agreements, transactions, terms and conditions, privacy and a host of other protocols and requirement. It is by no means simple and you definitely need the help of someone who has gone through the process and thoroughly understands it. Jumpstart has helped other companies and individuals register their businesses in Hong Kong and many opted to use not only our expertise at registering companies but also decided to use our offered offices. We have a very strong presence.

The quicker the better

We are not hyping when we say we possess the experience of over 10 years behind us. We have helped many companies succeed in their bid to gain a foothold in their particular business niche in Hong Kong. We have helped these companies register themselves successfully according to the prevailing laws of the country plus many other requirements needed for successfully registering their company. In many cases, these companies started to operate very quickly and were able to enter attractive deals the moment they began their trading activities. We can help you do the same.

So much to complete

In all there are approximately 12 items to go through to complete the process of registering a company so it can start trading and earning profits as quickly as possible. Time is money and the quicker your company can get inside the thick of business trading, the brighter its future will be. But it really needs to go through the wearisome process of attending to each aspect for registering. Documents need to be prepared; certificates and articles have to be formalized; directors and shareholders need to be arranged, a common seal for authentication and many other requirements.

Contact us

We are totally competent in getting your company to register properly so it can begin trading very quickly. Ring us now on +852 2961 4899 for a free quote and enlist our help in registering your company.