Entering Hong Kong for the purpose of establishing a business involves a maze of processes and paperwork formalities that will boggle the mind and there are no shortcuts except for one – professional help. At Jumpstart, we had to go through the same processes and paperwork and believe us when we say it’s no fun and games. The tasks are involved and complex and only an expert that knows the Hong Kong immigration policies and related requirements for entry can give you the help you need and point you in the right direction.

The right company name

Choosing an ideal company name for your business can be deemed to be just as important as determining the legal entity you are going to adopt for your operations. You need to make sure that you do not duplicate names and you can do so by searching the company registry that will tell you what names have already been taken. Better still, you can depend on our expertise and thorough knowledge in this area for quickly making the right choice of a company name. For boosting your company’s presence, we can select a name that will grab the attention of the business community.

Company formation options

The formalities do not end after you have entered Hong Kong and chosen the most enticing of company names. You still have to select the type of legal entity you company is going to adopt and there are a few on the list:

Limited company – This LLC entity is the most popular form and many small and medium sized companies opt to operate under this arrangement. All you need is the company nave, several directors and from 50 or more shareholders. You’ll need the services of a company secretary, preferably an established company like us, an address and at least HKD 10,000 in the bank. Branch office – This is the best option to prefer rather than to operate as a subsidiary or as a representative office, but if you wish to be accountable for financial matters and performance, a subsidiary arrangement would be ideal for that purpose.

Sole proprietorship – This arrangement suits small business enterprises that set themselves up in Hong Kong. It is a low risk operation and you will be entirely liable for the business that include all your personal assets.

Partnerships – the name connotes the involvement of at least two people in the business but the downturn is you will be liable for the company’s performance and responsible for your partner’s actions.

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