For many years, Jumpstart has been involved in providing the best serviced offices in many parts of the orient including Shanghai. One of its most apparent hallmarks is the quality of its facilities and equipment which it touts with plenty of confidence. Another is the high standard of service given to customers by top class front desk staff members that interrelate with clients arriving at the office front desk to seek satisfaction. Still another is the management of each centre that house its serviced offices. In all these areas we have strived to render full satisfaction to our customers.

World class internet access

Both national and international connections are vital to the success of any business especially if you establish your business in a foreign country like China. Internet connection is essential for studying the latest market trends, making contact with colleagues based in another country, placing orders, selling products and many more. At Jumpstart, the internet connection is world class and why shouldn’t it be when Cisco is the brand at work in each business centre? Even the ITs are always monitoring and keeping a watchful eye to ensure the system is always functioning properly.

The front desk always comes under customer scrutiny

First impressions are always important for any business and because the front desk is always the first place to come under the scrutiny of visitors, its appearance and décor is exceedingly important. The services provided by front desk staff members is equally important, if not more important, than how the front end of the building looks to customers. The attire of the employees, their manner of speaking, their smiles, their cordiality and so on all come under the microscope of visitors and they go away either fully satisfied or discontented with some in between the extremes.

Top quality front desk service

But never fear because at Jumpstart we are aware of the critical importance of first impressions and we always make sure the front desk is up to its 100% efficiency status for each and every customer. Our front staff employees are first class members of the team that are intimately aware of what is required of them. Their skills are unequalled and their interrelations with customers by way of speech, hospitality and friendliness are all unique and special. Due to their courteous behaviour, customers are immediately placed at ease which opens up more space for further rapporteur.

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