Jumpstart Offices provides aspiring entrepreneurs with a great start-up opportunity with serviced offices in premiere and strategic locations in Hong Kong and Shanghai. We recognise the fact that location is one of the key components for a highly successful business. Getting the location right would mean endless opportunities, valuable connections and accessibility to potential customers. As part of our mission and vision, we have established business centres in location that will give your business a great head start so you can excel against competitors.

Some of our best business centre locations are located in Shanghai. We assist our clients with expert advice on how to choose a Shanghai serviced office that will offer the most benefits for your business. Before plunging your business into the heart of Shanghai’s business district and environment, an in-depth study of several locations is crucial to get the location right for your business.

Unfortunately, understanding the importance of location for your business success takes time. Instead of spending days and resources on this aspect of the business, you can simply contract this with Jumpstart and let us do the job for you. Considered as a reputable company in this industry, we can provide you serviced offices, fully furnished and ready for occupation anytime, in premiere locations in Shanghai.

Our trademark is world-class offices with cutting edge facilities and equipment essentially giving you time and resources to focus on crucial business operations instead of taking time to manage an office. With Shanghai’s competitive market, there’s no time to lose.

You don’t have to go through the gruelling process of how to choose a Shanghai serviced office because we have a team of highly trained professionals and experts who can do the job for you. Instead of hiring an interior designer, we offer speed and great savings. You can focus all your energy on steps that will make your business catapult to the top. No more endless hours of planning and shopping for the right furniture, internet systems and many more.

With Jumpstart, you’ll get everything that you need in a breeze. From office facilities and furniture to reliable internet connection and a multi-talented team of secretarial and reception staff, your business can enjoy all of these without so much hassle or trouble. We also offer flexibility with regard to our monthly fee. If needed, we can give you a free trial so you can test our service. If it works and fits your business, we’ll draft the contract and get you started right away.