The professional staff members of our new Bloom Coworking spaces who are part and parcel of our business in providing you with a business space are completely capable of taking care of business matters in the sectors they’ve been assigned to. Even though we maintain an active vigilance on their activities from time to time, we have complete confidence in their qualifications, experience and expertise in fulfilling their role. You can adopt a similar approach and focus on the more urgent matters that need attending to, after all they are professionals.

Give your business the chance to Bloom

We know that working for yourself is the ultimate freedom. However, without the right facilities it can often be distracting and isolating. Our new coworking spaces will be hosting many events – from info sessions to mix ups. Having Jumpstart, an established serviced office provider as a backing means that you also get exposure to larger corporates to network with.

Professional, courteous, efficient and multi-lingual

The right treatment that clients get at the front door reflects on the image and reputation as well as the capability of any company and the same applies in our case. That’s the reason why our staff manning the front desk must be the right kind of people to welcome and attend to our clients and they are. They are immaculately attired in soft hued uniforms that bespeak of professionalism. They are very courteous and well mannered, answering phones is a natural task for them and they are multi-lingual for international clients.

Great refreshments and relaxation for staff members

Work means stress and strained limbs from prolonged periods of sitting and focusing on assigned tasks which in turn requires a period of rest and relaxation. There’s no better place to lean back and relax than the spacious and comforting space of our pantry. Here staff will find a variety of goodies to while away the time in a relaxed and comfortable fashion. Our pantry can provide refreshments such as coffee, tea and soft drinks as well as light fare to replenish empty stomachs and strength to continue on.

Internet on the spot maintenance and repair team

Having a world class internet connectivity system on the premises is one thing and quite another to be able to sustain the operations of such a system. At Jumpstart we realize that the continuous availability of this form of communicating is vital and we strive hard to make sure of its availability around the clock. Our Cisco based system is of world class standing with fast and efficient connectivity anywhere in the world. Standing by day and night are our technical gurus who are responsible for making sure the system operates non-stop.

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The facilities we offer clients are of world class status and you have the chance of a lifetime in being provided with such facilities over the short or long haul. Should you decide you want to experience them, ring us now on +852 2961 4225 or email us at [email protected]?for a free quote.