A?shelf company, also known as ready-made company, normally have no business before the sale?proven by a letter from the director. It usually have only 1 director and shareholder to make thing simple. The buying process is that you buy all of the registered capital/shares of the shelf company and new director(s) replaces the original director. Buying a shelf company offers some advantages over incorporating a brand new company. The most significant being the short time required to get your company running. However, for Hong Kong limited company, our new express service for brand new formations is able to incorporate within the next business day. Some businesses, like those who want to operate in China, may require a Hong Kong company of more than 2 years of existance. For this purpose, we have also list of ready-made companies of more than 2-years old while most purchases are for shelf companies incorporated within 1 year. Older shelf companies may incur extra costs for past maintenance of the company.

Aged Shelf Company List

ID Company Name Date of Incorporation Price
5732FB Top Easeway XXXXXXXX?Limited 2013/11 HKD35000
0549NCR State Capital XXXXXXXX Limited 2014/06 HKD28000

Note: This aged shelf companies list is not real time. The shelf company may not be available for purchase today. Please contact us and quote the ID number of the shelf company you are interested in.

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Shelf Hong Kong Company

  • List of companies to choose from
  • Buy and sell documents
  • Memorandum/Articles of Association
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Business Registration Certificate (BR)
  • Greenbox: Shares certificates, cheque chop, round chop, common seal
  • Director’s declaration for no business
  • Ready in 3 business days
  • Government fees excluded (From HKD1970 depending on when the company is incorporated)

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