Total Commitment and Professionalism: If you have gone through the gruelling ordeal of registering your own company on your turf, just imagine going through the same process in Hong Kong. It can be a very daunting experience. We can tell you right off the cuff that and in fact anyone who has been in Hong Kong will also tell you that registering your business in Hong Kong is not a piece of cake. It is tedious, stressful and sometimes downright frustrating. So many steps are involved in registering a company that you can easily get bogged down if you don’t know what you are doing.

An attractive business option with issues

There’s little doubt that setting up a company in Hong Kong has many upsides. It is the gateway to mainland China with a rather low tax flat rate provision of only 16.5% coupled with excellent banking and financial system. The infrastructure is world class plus many other very attractive qualities. Set against these are the complicated and involved process of registering your company and if you do it yourself, you are asking for a drawn out process. Many, including us will sympathise with your predicament and will tell you that the best way is to enlist professional help.

Pre-registration requirements

Before you actually register your company, you must choose a suitable name for your company which can be in either English or Chinese. If you do manage to select a name, you need to take out a license. Then you’d need to conjure up a plan for the structure of your company, the number of directors and shareholders plus the shares capital involved. Even if you succeed in doing all these aspects, you’d definitely need some form of local input to assist you in making the right choices and decisions.

Incorporation and after

Setting up your company will involve heaps of documents and paper work and again, confronting this kind of problem yourself can lead to a host of problems. You’d need an incorporation certificate together with your registration for your business together with chops and seals. After you’ve solved these, you need to open up a bank account and a set of compliances that like returns, financial reports and the renewal of your registration, account and audit. We can assure you that these processes need professionals by your side and we are willing to provide you such assistance.

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