Registering your company in your own country can be a very daunting process at the best of times. But there is nothing more frustrating and annoying than the prospect of trying to register your company in a different country. This applies also to the Oriental region, where though English is well understood and widely spoken it does not solve every issue especially in terms of registering your business for the first time. You will definitely need help and Jumpstart can help you by cutting across space to save time and energy and minimize or eliminate related frustrations and annoyances.

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Businesses come in various forms. Some are of the limited kind, others are branches or subsidiaries, still others are of the sole proprietorship types while pertnerships form yet another tier of the business model. For each one, registration is a common denominator and every business is obliged is fulfill this requirement. At Jumpstart we are intimately familiar with the type of registrations needed for different types of companies as outlined below:

? Limited company: These are small to medium sized companies that are very popular in Hong Kong and are set up as private LLCS. Most entrepreneurs in Hong Kong who own private businesses opt for this type when setting up their business. If you intend to establish and registering this type of company you must have a name for your company, one or several directors and from one to 50 shareholders, a company secretary, personal address and at least HKD 10,000 in the bank as capital to sustain your operations.

? Branch, Subsidiary, or Representative Office: These comprise company branches in Hong Kong. It is not an independent entity of itself but simply act as a branch of the parent company. This effectively means that the parent company will be responsible for the debts and liabilities which can be a handicap for the parent company in case the branch fails to perform profitably. Establish a subsidiary instead can help as it is a separate and is entirely responsible for its own debts and liabilities.

? Sole proprietorships: This company type is commonly applied to small-scale businesses in Hong Kong that have a single owner. This is a very convenient and easy business to operate and very simple to control and operate. The only downside is the owner is totally accountable for the debts and liabilities of the company and in bad years this can be a drawback. If you have chosen to set up this type of business.

? Partnerships: For Hong Kong, there are a lot of downsides for setting up a partnership but if you have opted to form one, we can also professionally assist you in registering your partnership. Owned by yourself or others, all partners are accountable for each other’s business dealings and all are also fully accountable for the debts and liabilities of the company. If you want to avoid this, you can become a limited partner but then, you will have no say in the company’s operations.

We are ready and willing to offer our extremely professional service for the registration of the type of company you choose and if you accept, the next step should be very easy for you.

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