Today’s ever evolving and rapidly changing market has driven local and foreign businesses to expand their ventures. One of the emerging and most attractive locations for these business expansions is Shanghai. Shanghai is one of the most sought after locations in Asian emerging markets – making office lease rates in the famed city record high.

Businesses often encounter problems with very high rates in terms of lease. This is especially true for office locations that are in the heart of the city. Prime business locations in busy districts in Shanghai can cost business owners a lot of money. Conventional office locations for lease also come with quite long lease contracts. Typical lease contracts for conventional office locations span from several years to even a decade! This set-up puts the business at a disadvantage. Businesses become tied to a fixed location for several years which prevents office transfer which might be essential for business growth.

A new industry in the form of serviced offices has provided a solution for business expansions and office set-ups in Shanghai and all over the world. Instead of having to deal with lengthy office lease contracts and putting up with record high office location lease rates, businesses now have another option when it comes to business expansion and office set-up.

Serviced offices function very much like a typical office but the set-up has all been laid out for you. This can be quite an advantage as it rids business owners of the hassle of sourcing and setting up. Everything from office equipment to multilingual assistants and staff is now within your grasp.

Award-winning Jumpstart is proud to offer its serviced offices in Shanghai which are located in three prime locations. Choose from Wheelock Square, Central Plaza and L’Avenue which are all prime business locations proven to give your business an advantage!

Each serviced office is equipped with top of the line office equipment and facilities that are sure to boost your employees’ productivity. Jumpstart’s serviced offices in Shanghai offer reliable and fast internet connection, operates through a secure Cisco networking system and makes use of Neo Suites. Serviced offices in Jumpstart Shanghai also boast of their award-winning interior design which has pleased business owners and clients alike.

Serviced offices are the best options for business expansions in Shanghai whether business ventures are small or big. Contact us now to avail of the best serviced offices available in Shanghai!