Another very dynamic and healthy business hub in the Orient is Hong Kong and though it has become part of China once again, it does have a life of its own business wise. It is also a throbbing business destination that has plenty of room to spare in terms of office floor space with Jumpstart a jump or two ahead of the closest competitor. Our position in Hong Kong is also sound and thriving with a constant stream of clients vying for office accommodation in one of our offices to meet their specific needs.

The main purpose for building our offices

An office is very similar to a living room in a home in that they must be very comfortable, immaculately kept clean and serve as a meeting place for friends and colleagues or work mates. It is here that similarities end for while the living room is a family enclave specially made for family our office is equipped for business purposes and are equipped with such purposes in mind. Certainly it leaves room for socializing and chatting but the goals always revolve around business or initiatives with developmental implications.

Specially trained and qualified professional staff

If you ever get the chance of visiting one of our business centres in Hong Kong, we encourage you to make time to have a look at one of our serviced offices. The sight you see reflects the degree of care we give to each of our serviced offices. The first sign of this care is evident from the demeanour of our professionals manning our front desk. Like all our staff members, they are fully trained staff members suitably attired to reflect their respect for clients and their own idea about themselves as professionals. They are courteous, friendly, considerate and multi-lingual.

Serviced offices with top quality décor and furnishings

All our offices are fully furnished that permit ultimate comfort and relaxation for users. The different rooms are embellished with high quality décor from the application of suitable paint colours that blends in well with the rest of the furniture and amenities in the rooms. Each room sports its own colours and tones with differently coloured and designed furnishings. The table in the middle is the main piece of furniture with suitably designed chairs to match or blend in with its colours and design.

Contact us

A serviced office in Hong Kong can be yours if you contact us now on +852 2961 4888 for a free quote and allow us to provide you with one of our serviced offices.