Of all the specialized areas of work that involves high level professional expertise, the registration of a business holds a special place for its complexity and tediousness. The reason is that the process involves so many different types of tasks, all of which are complex and detailed in nature. It is no job for the layman to get involved in but needs the specialized attention of a qualified entity like Jumpstart that has a lot of savvy in the area of registering companies in a business hub like Hong Kong. With 11 years of experience in the business arena, we know our way around.

The ready-made company

We know for instance that it is a far better option to buy a ready-made company or a shelf company mainly because it is the quickest way of acquiring and operating a company. These quickly available companies can be purchased after having been incorporated for a year by anyone wishing to operate a business in China. It is one of the best options that Jumpstart would recommend to any entrepreneur looking for a fast readily available business premise. After incorporation with one director and shareholder, the new owner can replace them with a new director and shareholder.

Overseas company

Another business option we know is that of the registering of an overseas company. These companies are also called off-shore companies that are registered for carrying out business operations in Hong Kong. Our first task is a search for a company name followed by preparation of documents like 5 sets of Memorandums and & Articles of Association, share certificates, a common seal, certificate of incorporation all required to be finalized within 14 business days. Again, these specialized tasks require the expertise of a company like Jumpstart.

Trademark Registration

Yet another area that requires expertise and experience involves the registration of trademark. A veteran like Jumpstart will not recoil from preparing trademark application having been involved in the preparation of many such documents. It is well versed in filling out the most pertinent information and can also submit the applications on time to ensure that the applications is fully considered and acted upon on time. The trademark application need to be perfectly compiled and submitted on time as they carry a 10 year validation status.

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