Jump starting a car involves two cables and pincers that transfer power from a vehicle with fully charged battery to another car with a flat battery. The power transfer suddenly ignites the engine of the dysfunctional vehicle and it roars into action. The principle can be applied to business services and office space. At JUMPSTART, we are fully charged with expertise in office accommodation and we can pass on this latent energy to boost business performance. Why? Because as providers of the best offices anywhere, we want your business to succeed as well. We have excess power to satisfy your needs. We transfer this fully charged power, not by cables and pincers, but by making available our excellent, unequalled, fully virtual business offices to jump start your business and jolt it into unrivalled performance.

Settings and locations

What better place is there to perform this renewing and invigorating act than within the pleasant surroundings of the Orient; a region pulsating with vigour and business life? How would you feel if we told you that here too, as in other major cities in the world, we have a truly strong presence? In this post, we will allude to only 4 of our outstanding and acclaimed serviced offices situated on the business oriented island of Hong Kong. Here they are:

Wheelock House – a high rise complex building located centrally in the business hub of the city, where JUMPSTART has claimed floor space for a serviced office, easily accessible to potential customers. It is an exemplary office with an interior that presents a true business setting of subdued cream white and grey and a reception area imbued with a fresh and inviting look. The office is conveniently placed close to the flagship store of Louis Vuiton’s Asia and well serviced with 3 exits to cater for any emergency situation. It is equipped with the latest in furniture styles and technical communication appliances including video equipment for holding conferences.

Time Square Tower 2: Our Jumpstart serviced office is located in this impressive high rise structure featuring dual towers rising to differing heights of 46 and 39 storeys. It is conspicuous against the Hong Kong skyline and can be accessed easily using any mode of transport. Whilst being located away from the central business area, cheaper costs at 30% less than centrally placed offices more than compensates for this downside. Because of the cheaper office floor space, a host of well-known companies like Google, Disney and Shell have located their flag offices in this conveniently placed commercial building.

Millenium City 5: Another skyline changer, this lofty and majestic looking commercial building, is one of 5 similar buildings designed by well-known developer, Sun Hung Kai. It is here that JUMPSTART is currently focusing attention on developing its floor space. Here is where the latest trend in business office accommodation is happening – the setting up of Neo Suites. These are very spacious, fully-equipped working spaces adorned with the latest in office equipment and communication aids. Clients who occupy them are able to perform at a higher pitch and deliver more and better results.

Silvercord Tower 2: This is one of Jumpstart’s many functional centres that can add zest to your business operations. It overlooks green views rarely seen in Hong Kong and is located mid-way between dizzying heights and unexciting floor levels providing an air of comfort and relaxation. It is located next to the largest array of famous flagship stores and touts an equally impressive collection of neo suites.

Contact us

Are you thinking of jumpstarting your business with a new and invigorating office accommodation? They are available at JUMPSTART on the ring tone, so ring us now +852 2961 4888 for a quote or if you prefer, we will conduct a guided tour of our latest available serviced offices just for you!