To opt for one of our serviced office in Shanghai may represent a departure from the totally urbanized landscape and bright lights of Hong Kong to the harsher but beautiful urban and rural landscape of China. The change of landscape does not however detract from the same sheer efficiency and top class room designs of our offices. Our offices in Shanghai are equally well equipped and staffed by some of the most skilled employees on the planet.

The hardware is not the only attraction

True, our offices in Shanghai bristle with the same type of hardware that you’d find in all of our offices whether they are located in London or Seoul. In Shanghai also, our professional staff are equal to the task when it comes to serving customers in whatever need they have. They are also totally professional who speak a number of languages so you don’t have to look around for a local to do your translating for you wherever you may hail from. Language acumen is conveniently distributed among the front desk staff so that the main languages used for communication today are covered. At Jumpstart we think of practically everything to help our customers.

The focal point of contact

Invariably, there are other situations that demand not only efficient front desk service, superbly designed rooms and excellent internet connections. Some customers who are accomplished businessmen will sometimes require top of the scale service. For this, we have our centre manager always available to provide whatever is needed to help businessmen solve their problems. He is charged with the primary task of ensuring that every client is fully satisfied with the answers that are given for specific issues. It is the duty of each Centre Manager to make sure that every service offered by each of our serviced offices in Shanghai is unquestionably the best that can be provided.

The best real estate available

To be successful in providing the best serviced office anywhere in the world requires a deliberate and meticulous search for the best real estate available. This is exactly what we have done in Shanghai and all our other centre locations. At Jumpstart, we make it standard practice to select only the best and most conveniently placed buildings to serve as our business centres. We look for sites that act as confluence points for vehicular as well and human traffic because we know that here is where the business pulse strives. For good reason, we want to be located where the action is thickest and will serve your best interest. If you are of the same mind, performing the next step is simple.

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